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Collection update + New TCGs

Some pictures of my news arrivals and purchases at a very little manga convention. Where I found some plamo figures (2nd gen starters, 4th gen starters, Entei, Reshiram and Zekrom) for a good price.

And 4 french HS Triumphant boosters

Figures and flat things

Yeah ! This is the boxes of the Zekrom and crocodiles plamo sets. I realy love these figures, I had fun to make them.

The crocs line is definitely my favorites one, especialy the Feraligatr =D
I think to paint their teeth and claws in withe.

Two gifs 'cause I love play with XD

New Cranidos for my collection.

Silver/blue coin is a gift by a friend.
Candy Cranidoss is from leafeon_420
And the Cranidos with the base is from chariflame (I don't know the right origin for him, if somebody could help)

Halloween Mismagiuss banner card and kids poster purchase from kiiyame

And the little Wurmple evolution card is a gift from leafeon_420
The stickers are from raichu_saana who is an adorable person ♥ I love her Cranidos drawing

Finaly for the trading cards !
I was not so lucky than my first booster where I found a Blaziken FB lvX
But I love many of my cards. So I don't show you them all, only my favorites ones.

Im sorry to take pictures only on my desk, I wait my birthday for a display cabinet and finaly place my figures in.
Tags: cards, cranidos, croconaw, feraligatr, totodile, zekrom
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