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Hello everyone this will be my first post, I hope I do this right I'm still learning how to work LiveJournal. :P

I've been a huge fan of pokemon ever since I got Blue version on Christmas...of '99 c:
I don't have that much swag on me, mostly what I got as a kid and a few more over the years since I've just resently gotten back into collecting. I love all the water starters, more so with Squirtle and Totodile. There's also too many others to name that I like but I've grown a newfound love for Zubat after HeartGold and SoulSilver.
Not to mention my new favorite Broccoli Monkey, Pansage!

I guess I'll begin with my most recent get and current favorite plush...

More of my Broccoli monkey after the cut!

I got him off ebay and he was the first thing I've ordered from Japan!

He's so plush and I love how he can stand up on his own.

I also have pictures of my feeble collection so far. (sorry beforehand for the bad quality of the pictures)

Jolteon figure, larger hollow Pikachu in the back and an Electronic battling Pikachu(along with the Charmander, Electivire, Drowzee and Hypno.
There's also two of the Burger King talking cards(no longer talking of course)

Closer up of the Ash figure, he used to have a Pikachu that went on his backpack.

Closer of Drowzee and Hypno, Bellossom, top heavy Budew, Ivysaur and another electronic pokemon Squirtle

A pair of Pokemon Pez dispensers I believe...the Squirtle is tail-less but I love these two quirky things.

the last of the electronic pokemon Squirtle <3, Piplup topper of some sort, Ash/Red piece to a pokemon board game(which I think I lost) Blastoise, Two Vaporeon(one of them a reject), Seel, Dewgong

Marril, two Wigglytuff(another one a reject), Hoothoot, Mankey, Mewtwo, Nidoking

Entei, wingless Charmander, 2 Moltres, 2 Zapdos, Growlithe, Dragonite, Raichu, Jolteon and a quarter machine Shieldon

a few scragglers Geodude(ok I lied THIS is the last of the electronic ones), Slowking and Ledyba (a bit worn down...)

I might have more but this post is looking a lot bigger than I thought it would :P
So that's most of my collection, not sure if anyone cares but I also collect DC figures. Mainly Batman and Bat-Villians hehe.

and um a Wishlist?
Anything Squirtle, Totodile or the other water Starters Plushes > Figures but some might tempt me
Anything Zubat especially in plush form
Heracross (Hasbro I believe?) plush
The Zoroark pokedoll from the B/W tour(with tag hopefully), If anyone is going to the remaining tours and willing to pick one up let me know <3

I might not be able to buy anything just yet since I just spent a load of cash on my other figure collection and I still need money for White (OMG ITS SO CLOSE!!!)

Forgot to include my two other plushes

Corphish and Mudkip, Hasbro?

My first post please be gentle. <3
GAAAAAH I hope it's not too long...did I do it right?
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