Jesse Roberts (jess111303) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jesse Roberts

Dis Vulpix

Dis one

How much is a MIP KFC Vulpix Plush worth? I have one and I want to know if I should sell it (if I get sales permission) or rip it open and cuddle it to death >:D There is one flaw in it though, in the sealed area of the plastic packagaing, the is a hole about hale an inch in legth so a pinky can fit inside. Other than that, its all minty fresh :3

This little guy has a funny story. I was at a consignment store and found it under a bunch of stuff in a plush bin. I looked for more but alas, he was alone :( So, I bought him for a steal :D $2!

So what's it worth?

Image courtesy of pokeplushproject.

{edit} Mods, if this image is too big let me know. I'm not sure but I'm deleting this after anyway.
Tags: vulpix

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