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Hey guys, I was recently granted sales permission from dakajojo on 03/02/11 so I'm here to link to my sales journal! :) I have a few plush, some figures and cards and other things in my journal right now. All come from my collection, I've had to do some weeding due to space/needing money and so I'm selling some extras from lots I've bought and a few things that either don't fit in with my collections or aren't getting enough love. All the guidelines and feedback are inside, click the banner below to check it out! ^_^

Moshi Moshi Sales

I'm new to this, but I'm very friendly and flexible so don't hesitate to ask questions if I've missed something! Also don't worry about the tagline, not all the stuff in there is loved, and it doesn't mean they're necessarily in bad condition. |D

This will be my permanent sales journal too so feel free to watch and check back for updates! :)

Thanks! <3
Tags: sales

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