Chris (prguitarman) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Welcome to the World of Pokedoll Charms!

Hey everybody, I decided to make this post to centralize my search for these awesome, elusive items called Pokedoll Charms~! I personally don't know most of their origins but know they were sold in Pokemon Centers, probably New York mostly, and maybe Japan. Pokedoll Charms are probably my most favorite type of keychain/charms:

These are the Pokedoll charms I own, Lucario and Charizard. I especially like them because they're small enough to not be a burden on my keychain and they are super sturdy, since these are about two years old and look brand new. I especially like the Charizard. It's gotta be the only Charizard Pokedoll charm I've ever seen. :o

I really want that Groudon Pokedoll charm since it's my favorite legendary, and is honestly the reason I made this post in the first place haha. I was wondering if anybody here would have one they'd sell. I might also want Rayquaza but I am not *too* crazy about it.

Photo by Armania

I'd also be up for Mewtwo Pokedoll charm, too, but again I'm more interested in Groudon charm. If you have any of them and are up for selling/trading them please let me know. You can check out my shop if you're interested in trading:

And finally, I've taken a bunch of Pokedoll Charm photos and am posting them in the LJ-cut. You've gotta check them out :D

Photo by astron

Photo by denkimouse

photo by swamperts

photo by peeche00

I think Pokedoll charms of all gen 1-3 starters exist, to be honest. I recently saw a Torchic/Treecko/Mudkip set go on sale. Quoting a post made by fernchu a few years ago:

pikachu ,cyndaquil,treeko, torchic, pichu, tufty pichu, meowth, umbreon, wailmer, houndour, corsola, psyduck, togepie, mew, groudon, rayquaza, charizard, mewtwo, salamense, wynaught, kyogre, lucario,regice, regiseel, regirock, weavile, gengar, celebi, espeon, bonsly, mime jr, phanpy, marshtomp, combuskin, grovyle,corphish, munchlax

masterball, pokedoll tag, pokeball

eevee, vaporeon, jolteon, flareon, absol, jirachi, poliwhirl, latias, latios"

PR edit: I am pretty sure Absol and Poliwhirl have charms. I may have seen them before.

That's a lot of Pokedoll charms! If anybody owns any not on the list I'd love to see photos of them.

Edit: Thanks so much for the photos you guys have sent in! I think this post now showcases most, if not all, of the existing Pokedoll charms(excluding the rumored ones). I'd still love to see photos of existing Pokedoll charms! Feel free to post photos if you have any

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