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Pkmn Black & White get!! + collection update

Yesterday (March 3th) I was able to get the European releases of Black and White! I am SO happy to finally have got them and even a day before the official release! =D
I have made some pictures of the game boxes, the game itself and more!!

The boxes! White is mine and Black is my boyfriend's one. Under them is a booklet about the games which you could get free. =D (It's Dutch languaged)

The first page.

The last page. So lovely with all those Pokemon!

Title screen with Zekrom! <3

Another one! ^^

Castelia city! So nice with a 3D look.

My starter was Oshawott/Mijumaru. =]

Drilbur is now a Excadrill. XD I can't stop playing this game!

Today we could download the Liberty Pass to get Victini! And here is mine. =]

A random wild battle.


Also some new gets!

Time for a collection update!

Almost everything is new here except for the most left Miju kid, the middle Miju, Zoroark plush and all the Miju plushies.
Serperior/Jalorda DX Tomy is gorgeous! And I got that Kaiyodo Mijumaru from the first B&W TCG tin!


This Zekrom plush arrived yesterday too! So well made!<3 And when we were buying Black & White we saw the B&W tins!! I immidiately grabbed one.^^

The B&W sampling pack. Cute and nice cards were inside^^

And the best get from all of the booster packs inside the tin was this SHINY KYOGRE!<333
I still can't believe how lucky I was.

I also couldn't resist this mini binder!<3 Amazing art on the front.

Yesterday was one of the best days with Pokemon ever! =D I got White a day before the release, a Mijumaru tin, an awesome shiny Kyogre card and the legendary beasts mini binder!!


I hope everyone can enjoy Black & White soon!^^ Have a nice day.<3

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