Laura (juumou) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Luxio gets :3

If you've been waiting for an item's release for 3+ years, does it count as a grail? (Probably not, but I've been waiting for this figure to come out for a really freaking long time, and it ACTUALLY came out.)

Please meet the largest official Luxio figure from the latest Jakks release :D

I also received these GORGEOUS Luxio plush from whittykitty on deviantart :D She does open for commissions pretty often, and she really understands animal anatomy! Go see her fine work :3

Some of my lions display~~ Most of my plush are around my entertainment center >w>

For those who don't know, my Floaroma collection is displayed in diorama theme :D
The Pachirisu pokedoll is the cutest plush ever, GO BUY ONE >_>

Also, I'm parting with 2 of my largest plush - Airgurumi Drifloon, and a custom Luxio by YutakaYumi.

Also! PokePlushProject's flickr account has been re-pro-accounted for 2 years, apologies for the short outage~
Tags: budew, custom, drifloon, luxio, luxray, pachirisu, plush, sales
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