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It's almost time...

and I still haven't decided where to get my copy of Black from. :/ 
Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well today. :D Over the past week there have been many posts about bonuses coming with Pokemon Black and White but what exactly is coming from where? Who has the best deal? Could you guys please help? At first my friend and I were going to go to K-mart for the half-price special so we each could pay around $27 or so for our copies, but I'm a person who likes to get extras with my games even if it costs me a few bucks more. When HG and SS came out Toys R' Us gave away lots of free stuff but they also gave $5 off each game. I think I read here that Target and Toys R' Us were giving $5 off and giving extras away. I always pre-order and pay in full before release date at Gamestop, but this year they have disappointed me. (unless they are planning something super special awesome for faithful people who come and buy the game from them on Sunday as revenge for HG and SS XD) I really just want
to find the best deal out there. I really hope this also helps those who have waited to pre-order like me. :3   

Edit:  It seems that Toys R' Us is the best option. You can buy one game and get the other half off, you get the legends kit and if you pre-ordered you also get the wall clings. Target's art folio also seems great too. :D Thanks for your help everyone. If anyone had anything to add please feel free to do so. :3

Also does anyone have one of these for sale? 

 Boxshot: DSi Pokemon Silicone Sleeve by PDP
Its a silicon skin for the Dsi. I really want the Lugia one. said that the one near my house had some in stock but when we asked one of the workers they flat out said no and didn't even bother to check the computer or in the back. :/  Please let me know if you have one and how much it would cost me shipped. Thanks. :D
   Thanks Pogaf for helping me get Lugia. :D <3

Thank you for your time everyone. :3 Please enjoy the rest of your day.
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