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B&W Kids GA Payment 2 & 3 and UK B&W

 Those who participated in the FIRST B&W kids GA run by me the kiddies have arrived!

So I've combined 2nd and 3rd Payments together! 
IMPORTANT It will be a lot cheaper to ship these if I can take them out of the packets and flatten them. I will obviously include the box, sticker and candy. If you DON'T want me to flatten it please be aware it will cost a bit more.

Totals 2 & 3 (includes SMJ shipping & me to you shipping + fees)
darkangellilith (Swanna) - $6.10 (flattened) PAID
monta (Darmanitan) - $6.10 (flattened) or $7.60 (not flattened)
nightmare_chan2 (Sewaddle) - $6.10 (flattened) PAID
pannsie (Alomomola) - $6.10 (flattened) PAID
pheonixxfoxx (Purrloin) - $6.10 (flattened) WAITING FOR ECHEQUE TO CLEAR
roxiexcore (Reuniclus & Cofagrigus) - $6.50 (flattened) PAID
schenzi (Patrat & Watchog) - $6.50 (flattened) PAID
technicolorcage (Deerling) - $6.10 (flattened) PAID 
usagimakeup (Chaoboo & Musharna ) - $6.50 (flattened) PAID

Please send all payments to terry_rose@hotmail.co.uk with your username! Thanks!

As I'm sure some of you are aware by now, Black and White came out in the UK today (: I preordered my copy from Gamestation and here's what I got..

Cute cute cute set of stylus! <3 Plus a poster I didn't take a pic of.. 
Anyway that's all, I'm off to playyy~
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