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Ridiculously huge multipurpose post

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their new copies of Black and White! If you're like me and it hasn't come out yet, then I understand your jealousy, heh! ^^

There are a lot of new members, and I'm pretty quiet on here so I figured I'd reintroduce myself. My name is Alexandra, I'm almost 23 and I live in Ohio! I've been in love with Pokemon since a classmate drew Pikachu on the blackboard in elementary school, when Red and Blue first came out. My first game was Red and I started with Bulbasaur. :3

I don't have a lot of money to put into collecting, so my collection is much smaller than most people here, but I love it just the same. I mainly collect Pikachu, followed by Mijumaru/Oshawott. I am completely in love with Gen 5, especially the starters, so I'm trying to collect a couple things of each of my Gen 5 faves.

Anyway, as some of you know, I had to move out of my apartment and back into my parents' house a couple months ago. It's been hard, but it's also been fun setting up my Pokemon collection all over again! My mother and I have also been trying to spend more time together, so we picked up a new hobby: Perler Beads! So I've been making lots of Pokemon bead sprites!

Check the cut for pictures of my collection, my perler bead sprites, some mini sales, and possibly my first commissions post!

Most of my adorable Pikachus<3 My favorites here are the Walky plush, the Canvas plush, and the Female Pikachu plush, which has the large Walky on her head. Not pictured is my scruffy FlopChu plush, which is easily my favorite item in my collection. In the background you can barely see a poster I got when I was 12 from an import anime store. I've never ever seen it anywhere else! It features Pikachu, Togepi, Oddish, Geadude, and around a dozen others. It's really cute!

Other favorites of mine! That big Eevee is a bootie I bought before I knew any better. Ah well, she is beautiful! I also love my Glaceon canvas plush. Glaceon is my favorite Eeveelution.

The other half of the shelf from the picture above. My Cyndas, Shamyins, and others. You can also see a couple of my sprites!

My precious Mijus and the other Gen 5 starters.  My talky Miju is definitely my second favorite thing in my entire collection. His adorableness is beyond words.

My Zoruas, the gorgeous Reshiram figure from the BW Tour, and the beginning of all my misc. figures.

Rest of my figures, and a Cyndaquil and Reshiram stylus. I love the DX Tomy Cyndaquil and Jakks Shinx figures in the right corner. I've been searching like crazy for the Luxio Jakks figure to match. =[

How I display my flats! Lots of Pikachus! Also the pixie Jakks trio hanging from wires in the corner. They are so cute up there, especailly Azelf.

My big babies! 1/1 Piakchu sporting some winter gear, Pikachu pillow, giant Toy Factory Skymin, and my custom Pikachu from cwinget 

Walky bead sprites!!! I was so in love with that feature in SS/HG, I couldn't help but make a bunch of them! Whitlea is my favorite game trainer, so I made her too for all of the pokemon to follow. I plan to make a ton more and try to fill up this wall as much as I can. Munna is glow in the dark! (Zorua looks like crap D: )

More bead sprites! All of these are for sale except for the big Pikachu. Prices will be listed below.

And some more! These are from my personal collection. The big Pikachu's tail is a little messed up. =/  I've made a few more besides these, but they were given as gifts so I don't have pictures of them.

I've taken a huge liking to making bead sprites, and have been wanting to open up commissions. I know there are a few other people in the community that make them too, and I'm not sure how well mine are compared to theirs since I'm a beginner.  So I made the few extras as seen above to sell, and will put up a couple slots for customs.

Since I'm new to this, I'm only willing to do smaller sprites, specifically menu sprites and walky sprites. I may open up commissions for larger sprites in the future. As for right now, I'm opening up 5 slots. If you'd like more than one sprite, I'll still count you as only one slot. If there is more interest than I'm expecting, I'll open up a waiting list.

Depending on size, sprites will be $4-6 before shipping. If you're interested in a bead sprite, please comment with a reference of the sprite you'd like. Please be aware than there are a LOT of really large Walky sprites, mostly legendarys. I'm not really comfortable with making ones too large, so please don't be upset if I turn it down. I have almost all the Perler bead colors, but if for some reason I don't have a color for your sprite I'll put you on a waiting list while I order the color I need. 

If you'd like a magnet on the back of your sprite, I can do so for an extra $0.50. And of course, feel free to ask for quotes! =]


1. graptakular 
2. li_kichi  TRADE
3. my_chapstick TRADE

Premade sprites:

Joltic - $5
Litwik - $4
Spring Deerling - $5
Autumn Deerling - $5
Emolga - $5

And finally, some small sales!

All prices are in USD, shipping not included. I ship from Ohio. Sales permission granted by astralvulpes sometime last year, when she was still a mod. =]

DS Black/White accessory sets! Both are brand new! Each come with a case (fits DSLites or DSi) featuring either Reshiram or Zekrom, two styluses featuring the legendaries, and a cleaning cloth featuring the starters and legendaries.

$15 each - only Zekrom available!

Jakks Talking Shinx - Mint. Tush tag still attached and still talks. $20
DX Banpresto Zorua - Mint, all tags. $20

Jakks Talking Monferno - Mint with all tags, still talks. $12 HOLD
Jakks Skymin keychain MIP - $4

Small Banpresto Zorua keychain - MWT  $6
Reshiram BW Mall Tour pin - MIP  $

Tags: collection, custom, gen5, introductions, oshawott, pikachu, reshiram, sales, snivy, tepig, zekrom, zorua

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