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Multipurpose post! Collection update + Sugimori in NYC + Canadian BW launch celebration

To celebrate the launch of Pokemon Black and White this Sunday, here's my first official Gen 5 merch...the starter's Pokedolls! I recommend everyone to get a set! They're so soft and derpy. I also have a pair of the TOMY vinyl figures of Zekrom and Reshiram. Still debating if I should get the starter's final evolution figures from that set as well.

Anyway, I got a phone call from Toysrus today to remind me to pick up my copy this Sunday. I asked the guy if they will be giving away anything for preordering and he said,"Yes, we are!" as I got off my chair and was super excited. He then continued, "You can download the legendary Victini for a limited time after picking up your game!" and I went  T____T;; Yup, don't they're giving away anything sadly.

By the way, for all you New Yorkers, Ken Sugimori tweeted that he landed in New York City earlier today...probably to attend the launch party tomorrow! Another reason to go! I wish I could attend. :/  More info: Link

 I posted this on the other Pokemon community, but for any Canadians that didn't see, Toronto, Vancouver, Drumheller, and Montreal will be hosting a Pokemon Black and White launch party. Here are the details: LINK

Lastly, the contest  on ends midnight on Sunday so if you haven't registered to enter yet, it's not too late.


Tags: gen5, oshawott, snivy, tepig

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