I am a writer of fictions (ravestars85) wrote in pkmncollectors,
I am a writer of fictions

TCG Sales! Primes, LV. X, and Legends!

Trying to clear out my binder a little bit, and get some gas money for states next weekend. I have a pretty nice sized collection of Primes, level X cards, and Legends in here! Take a look!

Absol Prime x2-6.00 each

Azelf Lv. X-12.00
Empoleon Lv X-3.00
Lugia Legend-8.00 for the whole thing
Celebi Prime-4.00

Deoxys/Rayquaza Legend x3-12.00 each whole set
Groudon/Kyogre Legend x2-14.00 each whole set
Ho-Oh Legend x2-8.00 each whole set

Typhlosion Prime x2-4.00 each
Charizard Lv. X-4.00
Infernape 4 Lv X x3-9.00 each
Heatran Lv. X x2-5.00 each

Salamence Lv X x2-12.00 each
Arceus Lv X x2-5.00 each
Arceus Lv X-5.00
Steelix Prime x2-4.00 each

Garchomp Lv. X-9.00
Dialga G Lv X-10.00
Regigigas Lv. X-7.00
Blissey Prime x2-3.00 each

Tangrowth Lv. X-6.00
Meganium Prime promo-3.00
Meganium Prime x3-4.00 each

Ampharos Prime x3-4.00 each
Electrode Prime-5.00
Shaymin ground Lv. X-12.00 each
Shaymin Sky x2-6.00 each

Scizor x4-5.00 each
Raichu Lv.X-8.00
Raichu Prime x2-5.00 each

Absol G-7.00

Palkia Dialga Legend x2-15.00 each
Entei Raikou Legend-18.00

Tyranitar x3-6.00 each
Palkia G-10.00
Feraligatr x2-3.00 each

Garchomp C-8.00
Donphan x5-7.00 each
Houndoom x4-4.00 each

Arceus x4-5.00 each
Arceus -4.00
Giratina x2-5.00 each

Leafeon (not mint, a small peel on the front and some scratches)-20.00
Umbreon x2-5.00 each
Yanmega x3-4.00 each
Slowking x4-3.00 each

If there are other cards you are looking for, let me know. I have a lot of trainers/supporters, and various other staple cards.

Shipping will be 1.50 for most orders. If there are more than 4 cards, it will bump up to 2.00. Thanks for looking!

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