Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

reminder + awesome pkmn mom?

I just wanted to post my one reminder for this GA

Click here or the picture

It ends in 1 day 7ish hour, but I figured I should put out a reminder today because a lot of us North Americans will probably be busy playing Pokemon Black & White tomorrow ;D So please get in and get yours bids, a few of the plush are still at $2 starting bids and the huge Manaphy has no bids either!

Also, I noticed the other day. If you google "Marill collection" and look at the images, the first result is a picture of my son and my giant Marill pillow that I've shared with the community a few times. It's true, just try it (or click here!)!

Does this make me the most awesome geek mom in the world? y/n? Or does it make me crazy? What do you think? :D

EDIT: Can I have identification help? There's this large Marill plush on ebay and I can't tell what it is or how much it's really worth. They told me I could make them an offer, and then after they declined my offer they raised the price by $20!!! So I kinda want this plush but I'm not sure what it is or if it's worth what they are asking. And I'm kinda pissed they raised it by $20 bucks after I was talking to them but yeah. Anyway this is the plush:

The tag says 2001 Pokemon/Nintendo Pokemon USA Inc. I tried looking at PPP and the only large plush they have that's a 2001 is a Tomy made in Japan. So I'm sooo confused as to what this plush is D: any help would be SO awesome
Tags: group auction, marill

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