yearning for the tide. (plasticskies) wrote in pkmncollectors,
yearning for the tide.

MIP Burger King Plush Offers Reminder

Just a quick reminder that I am still taking offers on these. I have a number of rare plush available and all are MIP. Many are still low or at their start price of $5. I've also added two meal boxes from the promotion to the offers.

Highlights include: Aerodactyl, Eevee, Mew, Weepinbell, Zapdos and more!
For a full list, see the tags below.


Click here or the image to be taken to the offers.

Offers will end on Tuesday 8th March @ 11pm GMT.
I will be posting my very first sales post in the next few days and all Burger King plush can be combined with these.
Tags: aerodactyl, arbok, drowzee, eevee, ekans, geodude, jigglypuff, koffing, machamp, mankey, mew, onix, plush, poliwhirl, sales, voltorb, weepinbell, zapdos
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