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yet another of my infamous multipurpose posts

This time, I've got a custom to show you, one Espeon Canvas up for offers, and some pictures of the NYC Pokémon Center that people asked me to post when I mentioned I had them at the Franklin Mills BW meet!

First off, remember the 3" Pidgey figurine I posted a while ago? (If not, you can see the full turnaround here.) This is the other half of the pair!

All I'm going to say is that the stripes killed me dead.

And to address the inevitable questions: No, I am not currently accepting commissions for items of this size. My queue is still open for charms and small figurines, however.

Second item: I've put my Espeon Canvas up for offers in my otherwise uninteresting sales post. I'm not exactly sure how much they're going for, but I have a vague idea based on a bit of googling. Offers will end at 1:00 AM EST on MONDAY. Click on the Espeon if you're still looking for one:

And finally, when I mentioned to some people at the BW gathering this past weekend that I had photos from the Pokémon Center that is now Nintendo World, I was encouraged to share them. Anyone who is interested in seeing them is kindly invited to my journal post containing them through here.

I also have a couple photos from the BW meet itself here, but nothing special.

Thanks for looking, everybody!
Tags: ampharos, custom, espeon, pokecen, sales

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