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Massive Want! Lillipup is just too precious. ;__;

I need this little guy in my life, okay? xD

I wanted to buy him when he first popped up but unfortunately didn't have the funds. I have money now but there aren't many listings for him and he's a little expensive and if I'm going to pay that much I'd prefer it coming from someone I'd trust over here at pkmncollectors.

So anybody have this guy? Have a clue where I might find him from a trustworthy source? I think I might have found one on Amazon, it's the shipping that kinda kills it, though. Way too much. x__x

On another note so this post isn't so selfish and boring.... xD Anybody in the comm planning to go to the B&W mall tour at the Orange Park mall in Florida on March 19th and 20th? :D
Tags: gen5, plush, wanted

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