Rai-chan (rainyan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a sales update

Finnish people going crazy with their new sales permissions! First vepsmin posts another update and now me x3 I'll try to calm down after this, sorry for being so hasty. ^^'

Anyway, I have added lots of things to my sales post: zukans, TCG league items, a few Eeveelution cards... Click the banner! :3

And there's only a few offers on these awesome things, if you are for example a Eeveelution, Raichu, Ampharos, Gengar, Johto starters etc. collector, I have something you might be interested in! They're in my sales, too.

And so this wouldn't be just a sales post, a quick wants question: are there any official Furret plushies? I think I've only seen customs so far... And the furry little thing is just too cute <3 And if there are, how much do they usually go for? How about a Furret zukan?
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