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Huge Collection Update from Shadoweon! (WARNING: Very Image Heavy!)

Tomorrow is when Pokemon Black and White comes out for the US, and so I thought I should get all the stuff I got before that day shown before I do my smaller collection update involving the games.

Since this collection update is so big I decided to make a little banner, I may use this in future posts or it may be a one time deal, I don't know it is nothing special. XD

Due to the large amount of pictures (there isn't even a picture of all items for that matter), I just posted them all without giving descriptions,so i'll give a list of what I got:

-Arceus and the Jewel of Life Manga (English Translation)
-Pokemon Cooking (Bento Cookbook)
- Nintendo Power Issue Feb 2011 (Zekrom version,wanted Reshiram but oh well)
-Pokemon Fan Magazine Issue 15 (bonus items such as straps and such also pictured)
-4koma Pokemon Manga/Guide Book
-Pikachu Magnet
-Daikenki Ensky Magnet
-Pokepark Wii (US Release)
-Reshiram and Daikenki Pokedolls
-Minnicino Pokedoll Pen
-Tepig Dream World Charm
-Umbreon and Arceus Jakks Figures
-Noctowl Tomy (thanks, menieure!), bootleg clear articuno tomy
-Solar Powered Piplup Bobblehead
-Empoleon Keychain (was looking for this forever,finally found one at my five below ><)
-Daikenki Sofubi Figure
-Mini TCG album and some other items. (too much to list,sorry)

Not Pictured:
Daikenki and Mijumaru Pokedoll Sticker Sheets
-Poochyena amada sticker and bromide card thing
-Luxio jakks figure
-New TCG Cards
-"Dragon Tears" Magnets (custom)
-Tiny pom-pom piplup thing from banpresto
-and anything else i may have forgotten

Oh hey, when I got my daikenki sofubi figure I was a bit concerned about his tail, is it cracking or is that just how it looks?:

And maybe it is just me but if you press the pokedoll's legs together it really looks like a heart,isn't that cute? :D

Well that is it until tomorrow, I'm going to bring my reshiram pokedoll along with me when I pick the game. I never have brought plush randomly in stores like that before, I hope I can do it. DX

Also, I took advantage of LJ's paid-account free trial so now you can see some more icons of my fursona character,Kura.
Tags: arceus, articuno, noctowl, pikachu, poochyena
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