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Black & White For £12/$19? YES I WANT!

Okay so everybody and their grandma knows Black & White launched in the UK and people have posted updates already! I couldn't go to the London opening due to Work/Life/Living 10000miles away E.T.C....

Buuut i did get some really good Gets... I purchased BOTH copies of Black & white for Less than $20! Since i live in the UK i actually got both games for £12... i also got all 3 Collectors tins so i've taken Photos of the figures for everyone to see =D and of the Preorder Stylus' and Poster!

Now here's the two games! I'll explain how i got them so cheap after the pictures =P

I love em.. It's just as shame they're no longer shiny/glittery =/ like good ol' Red & Blue i guess... White will be my main game where i'm going to start and end first and try and complete 100%.. Black will be the one i'll play later just for fun! without bothering to balance a squad and stuff..

Snivy/Tsutarja Collector's Tin, Figure and Stylus.. He's the starter i've chosen on White! I love Him!

Snivy/Tsutarja Figure.. I think he's using Leaf Storm, I love these since they're so small but extremely well made and very detailed.

Tepig/Pokabu Collector's Tin, Figure and Stylus.. Unfortunately as much as i love him.. he's not my second starter for Black since my friend wanted him on her other game.. So hopefully the 3rd game if it's ever done i'll get him!

Tepig/Pokabu Figure.. He's so cute! his face is all like X| So adorable.. I believe he's using Ember?

Oshawott/Mijumaru Collector's Tin, Figure & Stylus.. My starter choice for when i begin Black ^__^

Oshawott/Mijumaru Figure.. SO CUTE! They're all so awesome that's why i had to get all 3! I Believe the attack he's using is Razor Shell.

The Black & White GAME preorder Poster! I love it.. it's printed on high quality poster paper and the characters are slightly raised on the surface.. It's Awesome!

Right so i don't have the photo of my Black Receipt i got that at GAME so i could get the poster! I got Black for £10 at game! since i traded in Mario Kart DS and it knocked off a mighty £20!

Now for White here's a picture of the receipt,
I got it for £1.99.. Since they had a deal on trading New Super Mario Bros for £22! and also i traded in some crappy PSP game and got more knocked off! IT WAS AWESOME!

Thanks for having a look guys!
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