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All paid packages have been sent out as of today!

Now I have some photos of some recent gets. :D Lots of Gen 5 under here~

Custom Shiny Valentacool plush from Norks 8D I don't even collect Tentacool really but I had to have this sdkjfhsdf <3

There's only room for one Hugsy around here. >:U

Cutest most adorable charm from reilaa <3333 8D

BB's first figure 8D I can't wait for the next set with him in it to come out <33333
Also need to get matching Galvantula kid, anyone selling? :U

Custom Shiny Yamask Strap Plush from a good friend of mine c:

Custom Cofagrigus Strap plush from the same person
(Matching Galvantula is almost finished 8D)

Four Arm Bro collections so far. c: Pretty small but they will grow. 8)

I've also received some new dragons. :D Here's all my dragon merch save for the plush.
Tags: custom, gen5, kids, plush, reshiram, tentacool, zekrom
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