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sooooooo i had a bunch of other updates i am working on, but let's do this one today instead :D

yes, i landed back in japan very late friday night, very exhausted and just wanting to collapse into bed for the full weekend, when suddenly a little bird twittered in my ear about some new pokedolls... one call to the pokemon center later and i zoomed out the door. there was roughly 20 minutes between revelation and boarding of a train XD

and yes i do have them here. :D other pokecen stuff and various other new stuff i won't have back in stock until later on, so this week will be just these dolls... :D

i'll save the other two for people to post when they get them ;) but this is my baby.... :D

the baby, in his place of honor! i had to move custom zebras to another area since this shelf will soon be overwhelmed with official ones. MPC in april, tomy plush in may, banpresto in july along with zebraika!! wow!!! not to mention zebraika's MPC and blitzle getting a SECOND MPC next year!! so crazy @___@!!


montage of adorables!!

the shinx of gen5 with... shinx!!

the two electric pokedolls of gen5 so far are also the first two gen5 electrics we knew of <333 i love you babies!


he looks a bit... out of place!? that will change soon!! spot four other major updates in this pic :D

thanks for reading guys!
Tags: blitzle, shinx, zekrom

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