Jesse Roberts (jess111303) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jesse Roberts

Trade Post :)

Alright so, first off, my feedback post is here:

I'm looking to trade my sisters Jakks figures for her. She wants zukan figures in return. She has some that she wants in mind but she is open to anything really so just offer. She doesn't care if they have bases or pegs. Some of them have paint rubs or are dirty but I'm gonna get a magic eraser to clean them tomorrow. So they should be good. Some may have paint chips too. You can offer on all 6 or individual ones, or any number you want XD I'd rather trade with people in the US due to shipping time but just let me know the country you are shipping from in your post.

Here they are

I think that's it. So uh... Post your offers :D If you had any pics of the zukan too, that'd be great.

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