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Emergency Clean Up Sales

Hello everyone. I know I recently posted a reminder about my auctions a few hours ago but I deleted it and I really just need to get the leftover stuff out. I'll be buying shipping materials later and I was hoping to get more stuff sold so I won't have to go back and forth. This sales of course is for something important in real life so I hope you guys can help me out.

I am giving 50% discount on leftover TFGs and 30% on miscellaneous stuff because I really need money at the moment and I just need to clear stuff out. Also I have some plushes and a tin for offers so I hope you can check them out too.

For the winners of my auctions, I have replied in your last bids with your totals. I will try to ship them on Tuesday at the soonest if not I will get them out within this week.

So without further ado:

Sales permission granted by denkimouse  on June 13, 2010.

  • Offers will end until interest has died down.
  • I ship form the Philippines. Prices do not include shipping or fees.
  • I only accept PayPal: neogenesis07@yahoo.com
  • I will only hold items for 48 hours after which the item will be put up again.
  • I will try to mail the items within the week but do allow delays as I have school.
  • Shipping can be combined and if you want First Class or Express mail the shipping cost will be more expensive.
  • Haggling is welcome!
  • Banned members are not allowed to participate.
  • Feedback post is here.
*For trading figures, winners can choose either a black or white base. Chess figures will have 3 random colored discs.

Shipping Prices:
  • $5 for trading figures and heavy figures.
  • $4 for chess figures, bottlecap figures and light figures.
  • $3 for miscellaneous items
  • Increment of $1.50 for other additional items.

Trading Figures:

ON HOLD: Machamp, Hariyama and Meowth (Crystal)
Gyarados - $5
Pinsir / Machamp - $2.50 each
Hariyama - $4
Meowth (Crystal) - $4

SOLD: 1 Pikachu (low tail)
$1 each

ON HOLD: 1 Bayleef
SOLD: 1 Bayleef, 2 Tyranitar
$1.50 each

SOLD: Murkrow
$1.50 each

SOLD: Salamence, Feraligatr
$2.50 each


SOLD: Darkrai and Vespiquen Line
Dakrai and Vespiquen Line - $3 each
Probopass with broken peg - $2 

SOLD: Hippowdon Line
Hippowdon line and Heat/Wash/Mow Rotom - $5.50 each


Munchlax and Pikachu - $1.50 each

Chess Figure:

SOLD: Pikachu
ON HOLD: Manectric
Groudon - $3
*These chess figures might be bootlegs due to the slight difference in color with the original ones. Manectric and Pikachy are darker and Groudon is a bit pinkish. Otherwise the quality of the sculpt remains the same.

$3 each
SOLD: A and E
ON HOLD: B and C
A: Spiritomb, Burmy, Monferno, Lopunny, Vespiquen and Infernape
B: Meowth, Magikarp, Deoxys, Gyarados, Plusle, and Snorlax
C: Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion, Hoothoot and Noctowl, Suicune, Murkrow
D: Dialga, Buneary, Mantyke, Mantine, Chimchar, Alakazam
E: Lugia, Feraligatr, Marill and Azumarill, Pikachu, Tyranitar, Shuckle
F: Staraptor, Giratina, Staravia, Dialga, Sunkern, Sudowoodo


Miscellaneous Plushes

Current highest offers:
Reversible Pachirisu/Pokeball -  $3 by larvitarscar (Offer Thread here)
Pikachu ANA (You can put stuff inside) - 
Banpresto Totodile (No hangtag) - 
Mewtwo Finger Puppet - $10 by sierra_ashura  (Offer Thread here).
Pole-hugging Mudkip Plush - $3 by kirav199 (Offer Thread here).

Dawn and her Pokemon Tin
Current Highest Offer: $7 by larvitarscar  (Offer Thread here).
If you want to offer on other stuff you can make your own threads in this post.


UNAVAILABLE: Raticate, Kakuna, Mewtwo and Tentacruel
1 for every purchase

UNAVAILABLE: Bronzong zukan

And that's about it!!
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