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newbie here!

Hello fellow pokemon fanatics! My name is Elisha, and i've barely been in this community for a week. Can't say it feels that way though, I stalked it for a while before I joined haha.

ANYWAYS... I just had a few questions about items that I have had for a while now :)



this little trio was given to me as a gift a looong time ago, Most definitely early 2000 lol.It has Ladyba, jigglypuff & butterfree cards in it, and it's named "Rainbow Island, Fields of Flowers" Has anyone seen this before? Is it even worth anything?


Promo cards for the first movie. Any ideas on how much they are worth?

as I stated above, total newbie haha. I haven't seen a lot of these guys on here, so I thought i'd ask all of you knowledgeable fellows! :)

I have a mini pokemon collection right now.. I bought a few items from some of you guys on here already, so I'm just waiting for them to come in before I do a collection post! Let me just state that I am absolutely obsessed with the eeveeloutions & dragonite :B hehe.

Anywho.. any feedback on the items above would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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