jazzbie (jazzbie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My collection pics+intro :p (and small question)

Been lurking for a few weeks here, and after a bit of posting I decided to make an intro post. :)

My name is Jazzbie and I primarily collect the TCG. I've started to collect Plushies as well now:

I started collecting plushies a little over a month ago. I have about 15 in total, which probably isn't huge to the denizens here, but to me it certainly is. xP My favorite isn't really a plush but a kyogre hat from Pokepark:

Whoo those Jakks plushies are bright. Anyways onto Cards:

This isn't even half of my collection, I skimped on pics because my main card area is a bit messy and i gotta clean it. I've got about 9000+ cards if anyone wants pics lol.

My question is: I'm still a little confused on trading here, the rules and newbie guide didn't really say much. Is there a guide for how to trade on here?
Tags: cards, collection, luxray, plush

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