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a snake and bell filled collection update!

You ever tell yourself "I'm going to do a collection update, but I'm going to wait until I get a few more packages first"? That's how I've been for the past few weeks, however, I just couldn't resist after some recent gets! :D

Oh by the way, for the new faces, my name is Mar and I collect the snakes (Arbok, Ekans, Seviper) and Drifloon/Drifblim. I also collect Weepinbell and have small side collections of Altaria and Roserade, but my main focuses are Arbok and Drifblim. I'm also extremely interested in collecting Serperior, but I only have one item so far. xD

I've been a part of pkmncollectors for almost a year now, and collecting items of my favorite Pokemon has brought so much unexpected joy into my life. :]

Here's a small preview of what's inside:

So when I made my first collection post, these are what my Arbok and Drifblim collections looked like:

Miniscule, boring, lame, I know. xD But we all have to start somewhere! One year later and....

WHOADANG WHERE DID YOU ALL COME FROM?!! I obviously LOVE purple. Actually, it was kind of an accident that all this purple became abundant in my collection. x) It was just a huge coincidence that my two favorite Pokemon happened to be purple....hahaha.

Here are my most recent snake gets: Seviper Hasbro figure, clear Seviper Kid, Ekans roller figure, Ekans TFG, metal Ekans figure, green and blue Arbok chibi stamps, and a SUPER SHINY FABULOUS ARBOK (my new favorite figure!) please excuse the paint and various art medium stained table Dx

Some random non-flats: Ekans/Arbok Johto Dex charms (been meaning to get these for awhile now xD), Seviper Pokeball bell keychain, Arbok metal swing keychain, Arbok 151 pin (had this for awhile, never photographed it), Ekans battle coin, and Ekans/Arbok rubber stamps

The most recent addition to my snake collection (and my very first piece of Gen V merchandise), Serperior! This right here is the DX Kid, and he's absolutely stunning! There were a bunch on sale on eBay, and I knew if I didn't get one now, I would miss a chance to snag one for cheap. He truly is a gorgeous snake, and I can't wait to get more items of him. I'm definitely going to invest in the Pokedoll and Pokemon Center plush when I get more money :D

Snake cuddle puddle! ♥

Awesomely cute "dragon tear" (I think that's what she called them xD) magnets made by mandyseley! Here are all my Arbok and Ekans ones :D Weepinbell you are not a snake, get outta here


And now...something that I'm especially proud of to have in my collection, something that has evaded me for months and months, and something that graciously popped up in a GA recently:


Oh man, I'm so happy to have this little guy. I know he's not super rare, but I think it's safe to say that he's an uncommon plush. He's completely derptastic in every way, shape, and form...but the only reason I'm ecstatic to have this plush in my collection is because now I legitimately have every official Ekans and Arbok plush in my collection. :]


I haven't purchased too much Weepinbell stuff in awhile, but so much great stuff has been popping up recently, I just couldn't resist!


This AMAZINGLY AWESOME beautiful Weepinbell sculpture crafted by my dear and talented friend, caffwin (ILU BB!♥) It's very well made and cute and perfect, and captures Weepinbell's quirky self so well.

NEXT! This guy, the Weepinbell Burger King plush! Another plush I've been searching for awhile, and finally obtained! When I saw him in someone's collection not too long after I joined the community, I knew I needed one in my life. Along with the other BK plush, this one is super silly and derpy looking. But that makes it just as lovable as any other plush ♥

Plus you don't have to feel so bad for him....BK Weepinbell found a friend to share his derpy-ness with:

I also purchased a Bellsprout BK plush completely on impluse xD Looks like Weepinbell will have tons of friends to be derpy with!

Also new additions to the Weepinbell collection are some stamps!

A pink Weepinbell Chibi stamp (he looks SO scared! LOL)

And a Weepinbell Retusden stamp! (at least I think it's a Retsuden...I'm not completely sure what the 1st gen stamps like these were called :x)

Last, but not least, some new ghosty balloon gets :D

A Drifloon clearfile (SOOO CUUUTEEE ;o;), Drifblim charm with a Pokeball scream cleaner, Drifblim Keshipoke, and Drifloon Bento eraser!

Here are some close ups of the charm, keshipoke, and eraser :]

Oh yeah, I accidentally a small Sceptile collection. xD The Pokedoll made me fall in love with him so much, and it just led me to collect more of his stuff. I love the brilliant green color he is! It definitely brightens up my collection a lot.

Here are some more little gets, mainly for my side collections: Attack Roselia Kid, Budew Jakks figure with marble, and Attack Altaria Kid.

Also not pictured (because I need to request shipping from SMJ xD):

Pink Arbok Chibi stamp! (which will complete my set of Arbok Chibi stamps! SOOO EXCITE)

And this cute Altaria Bell! ♥

Here's what my collection looks like now, altogether (totally took this picture at night....rofl).

My mountain of plush here surprisingly hasn't fallen off (yay physics!), but I will potentially have to move them since I'm starting to run out of room to display snakes. xD

And I believe that is all folks! Many of these photos can be found here at my collection website:

Feel free to swap links! I love looking at other collections :D

Have a good one guys! ♥

Tags: altaria, arbok, budew, drifblim, drifloon, ekans, roselia, seviper, weepinbell
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