mastershambler (mastershambler) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update with Black and White hype and wants!

Hello Pokemoncollectors! I want to show you my recent updates and my gets from the new BW tins just released!
So many awesome items here! these are my first Kabuto line items as well as first Magmar, Unown, Lotad, Lombre, Canea, Pideot and other new figs! I AM IN SO MUCH LOVE WITH THE GALVANTULA CLIPPING FIGURE! It is so well desinged and painted! It is going to be on my White team and I cant wait! The Bulbasaur here reminds me so much of the Zukan than I search for ever so hard! I love the pose and the base! I had never owned a buildable figure before and now I have the Blastoise and Zapdos! I love to pose them!

These are todays gets! I picked up the brand new Snivy Tin! Each comes with 4 booster packs from previous series, a Snivy figure, card and 5 new english BW cards! Well done for prepping for the release of the new sets! I also managed to find the Jakks Rotom, Mismagius, Luxio and Umbreon!

I love these figs! I will surely have to pick up the others in the near future!

New Pokedolls mixed with existing! My gf did a kiosk run and picked me up a Groudon, Celebi, Shaymin, Darkrai, Giratina and Arceus! My favs of these are Shaymin and Groudon! So much desing put into them and Shaymin is so soft and plushy!

Loving these new legendary Pokedolls! Haunter says hi as always and my Karp is Karping off!

I recently got some new posters for the walls to fill space and decoration! I love the Pokemon Center bag with Poliwhirl! I always love collecting more of it! My love for this line came from the Pkmn Adventures Manga as Red started with Poliwhirl and became a Poliwrath while Gold's Poliwhirl became a Politoed!

My ever developing Grass setup!~ I added some crawly mons to the wall! I think they look awesome! I also decided to display the jumbo Zorua/Celebi card with their according figures!
This is the promo our Toys R Us are running here in Las Vegas NV and hopefully yours too! If you buy any DS game get a 2nd half off! When you buy B or W you get a free Stylus and cleaning kit! They will also be selling several other new items you can use for your DS such as a Pikachu charging stand and the Too awesome DSI bundles!

I look forward to playing the new games and hope I get to battle many of you! On a small wants note, I really want the Galvantula and Serperiors kids and Serperior Pokedoll! I was hoping Gin would be offering these soon but to no avail! Happy collecting! :)

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