Psychic MoonShadow (psychmoonshadow) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Psychic MoonShadow

Montreal Last-Minute Black/White Meetup!

Once again, Psychic amazes everyone by proving that she's not dead!

Black and White coming out tomorrow (you may have heard) and some Canadian cities are acutally celebrating! As the Tour Across America showed, we don't have it quite as good as our neighbours to the south last time, but who knows about the launch!

Unlike with the tour, as another member pointed out there will be launch parties at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Vancouver Zoo, Reptillia in Toronto, and the Montreal Science Centre from 1-4pm. Info here.

So for those pkmncollectors in Montreal, who wants to meet up? :D

My friends and I intend to show up for around 2, and I've love to meet up with some fellow Montrealers (I know you're there)! I'm going to be dressed as a very last-minute Snivy (I have short blond hair), with my friend cosplaying White, so if you see us give us a shout!

I will also likely be walking around with a big whiteboard with free Pokemon magnets for all! Yeah, you know you want em!

If you get this message, wait up at the giant red mollecules outside the Science Centre for 2pm! I'd love to get my nerd on with some fellow collectors! Otherwise, I hope to see you guys there!

I just hope there's even a tiny bit of merch there! Otherwise I'll have to someday travel to New York where the stock's wonderfully new. :D

Collection update coming soon, too!

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