Giovanni Ɽaphael Moretti (breaks_ground) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Giovanni Ɽaphael Moretti

Black & White portfolios

Hello, Everyone! Cass here, and I just picked on White and a portfolio from Target. I have a bit of info regarding them.

First off, they are free with purchase BUT you don't have to buy the game to get them. They are actually selling them as well for $7.99, not including tax.

Sadly I can't post pictures from my phone, but I'll do that tonight if I can.

Now, many of you are wondering: is the art portfolio worth the money?
YES. It very much is. For the price, you get 15 pictures on nice thick cardstock, almost like a picture mat material. They are not glossy, so you aren't likely to get fingerprints on them. They include an overview of the region, the Player Characters, the second stages of the starters, a few version exclusives, and more! Overall, I think it's a good purchase, and if you have a chance, I think you should grab one or two even if you preordered elsewhere.

Later I'll post pics of them if you guys would like, along with a collection post!

That's all for now! Ciao!
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