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canadian shipping question? + bonus pics

Sorry for posting again so soon. Let me know if I'm posting too much, but I have a question for Canadians who ship items outside of Canada!

As you know, Canadian shipping is RIDICULOUS. I have a box I'd like to ship internationally, and when I physically went for a quote at Canada Post they told me it's cost $89 to ship it. What the... I almost freaked. That was surface mail and they told me they could do no better. I checked purolator's site and tried to get a quote and that said it' be $100+ to ship. Holy crap!? It's a medium sized box, but it's only 2 kg and it's not fragile so I can't believe it's costing so much.

My question is, do you guy have any suggestions what I could do? X_X Do you think shipping the items individually would help at all? It's 3 large plush. I'm thinking maybe if I ship them individually I could try to get them in smaller individual packaging and it might cut down the cost since the box is what is making it cost so much. Any suggestions would be awesome. I even considered shipping the box to the US first then having someone ship it internationally from there, but it'd still be at least $30 to go to the US, and then prolly $20 from the US to international. I never realized how bad Canadian shipping rates were until this year! But yeah, any suggestions would be awesome if that's even possible

On a much more exciting note, Black & White came out today (as you all NA people know)!!!

Which version did you choose? I went with both, because my son insisted :)


To the participants of this GA:

We unfortunately lost.

my_chapstick put in a bid and was outbid at the last second. We tried out best though, and thanks for all the interest though! I might be putting on a different GA in the future!
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