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Quick question

Okay, sorry for the shortness and lack of pictures, but I just want to get this in before I leave, in about five minutes!
I'm wondering about some Pokemon things-- three items in particular-- that I LOVED when I was younger. I'm not interested in buying anything, but I think it'd be so cool to see pictures again or simply know that they're a happy part of someone else's collection. :D
The first is an Arbok figure. It came in a cereal box (Apple Jacks, for me :p), and was in a pose where the back half of its tail rested in a coil on the ground, as a base, while the hooded part stood rigidly, flaring out.
The second is a Slowpoke. I think it was from Burger King, or another "happy meal" of some kind. It was resting on a wave, with little wheels on the bottom, and I think it came with a piece that you could launch it from.
The third, I don't remember much about, but it was a playset with a tiny, dime-sized Pikachu. The set was island-themed, I think... I'd know it when I saw it, but I can't remember anything else.
Gosh, it'd be so amazing if anyone could help me with these, so please respond if you think you can~

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