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A Very Dreamy Collection Update

Hey guys! I haven't posted a collection update in forever, and if it weren't for my icons, you probably have no idea who I collect!

More of my stupidly blurry, sorrry extensive collection of Abra's line, Drowzee's line, and my budding munna collection!

"Psychic" Unown thanks to my new best bud, cinnri!

Newest addition being that sleepy fellow on the top left side! A WONDERFUL custom made by cinnri in exchange for some plush I had.

And last, a plush couple with a relationship... I made the drowzee a few months back out of ultra cuddle fabric, and the skinny little munna (Eyeless) was made from minky, and lovingly HAND STITCHED entirely by my boyfriend for our 6 month anniversary. The eyelessness? He had the worst trouble trying to EMBROIDER THE WHOLE THING and gave up after a bit. Poor Muun-Muun hasn't gotten eyes yet, despite it being about 4 months... Well, vision isn't important when you make the perfect beanbag chair.

If you're interested in commissions, I am open 9 v9;

Of course, I have a ton of other figures and plush not featured, I wanted to do an update of my main collection.
Thanks for looking!
Tags: abra, alakazam, collection, custom, drowzee, hypno, kadabra
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