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Final auction reminder + taking offers

Hello, all. I was just back from the Black & White event in the NY - yesterday actually, 'cause I missed my bus, HOLY **. The line there made me exhausted and I felt like just coming back from the hell. Anyway, this is a final reminder post for both my Ebay auction, and the other "pearly" TOMY figures auction. Some of them still don't have a bid. Get your bid in before I dump them later into other's hands.


Click the picture to go to the auction...
EDIT: Ebay auction ended.

Pearly TOMY figures auction ended.

Offers at the bottom of the post

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2010
- All community rules for buyers apply
- I will end the offer if about 48 hours past with no new bid or I think the offer looks good for me. So NO SNIPE possible in this case.
- I will ship the item internationally, but please ask before you offer in this case.
- I will ship your item within 3 days.
- I will send you the total when the offer is end. But you can expect the total cost for shipping and fees will be around $3. The pose figures are relatively heavy compared to figures in the similar sizes.

Add on:
- I only take Paypal. If you can not make it, contact me as soon as possible.
- Items come from a smoke-free and pet-free house.
- I am not responsible for damaged and lost items once they are out of my hands. If you would like to add delivery confirmation, tracking number, insurance or etc, please contact me.
- If you think I missed some more necessary notice, please let me know. Thank you.

Manaphy pokedoll. It's a Japanese release, but I have no idea of the rarity of her, though.
EDIT: It was released back in 2006 and with a velboa fabric. I heard from people this one was used with fabric "pilled" or clumpy. Taking your own risk when you offer. Start at $25. Offer ended.

TOMY beanie - Smeargle. Dunno which year it was released, but I think the Miltank in this series is a hot one? So I am looking for the value of this little cute.
EDIT: According to the descrption of last seller, this plush was "cleaned" before it was sent. And I am not sure of what kind of fabric is used in this series of plushies. So taking your own risk when offering. Start at $20. Offer ended

Also, I have each one of Raikou and Zoroark TOMY pose figure MIP and willing to part with. They are really heavy. EDIT:

picture credit to Sui/Samantha's Sacred Field

picture credit to happyjolteon 's DIALGA FTW

Each of them is just like the above one in package. Only Raikou and Zoroark are available at the moment. The actual figure is like 4 ~ 5 inches. The candy inside is still within the expiration date, but I do not suggest taste it. Each start at $10


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