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TCG sales

 Hi everyone!

Sorry that I've been posting a lot within the last days and I will keep annoying you right now >3

So I decided to have sales / trades for TCG only, please come take a look~

Rules & guidelines in a nutshell

Sales permission granted 03/02/11 by dakajojo 

*I ship from Finland and haha, apparently do ship worldwide
*Paypal only, no e-checks, no cash. All payments go to
*Prices do not include shipping or fees
*I do accept holds and not really having any specific time limit for them but be reasonable when asking a hold!

*TRADES = <3    

I collect  TCG of  Vulpix line, Eeveelutions, Growlithe line, Poochyena line

if you have anything from my TCG wants list (or it doesn't even have to be listed there),
Don't be afraid of asking a trade or if I have some card
we can surely arrange a trade just if you're having something I'm after   =D

* The items come from a doggie friendly house but I keep them far away from my pets' reach
* Anything can be combined with the items at my regular sales here

*Any questions? Do ask them, please    =)

Pictures of the cards here

 *not sure if I will sell or trade Pidgeot,
it's World Championships 2005 special edition card, but If I get a really good offer I might actually sell or trade it
Okay, I had no idea that it's not so rare or special card.

*Meganium prime up for offers or willing to trade for any of these:
 Umbreon Prime, Espeon prime, Any Eeveelution EX, Ninetales EX, Glaceon LV.X, Leafeon LV.X
any shiny Eeveelution (I know they're damn rare and I doubt I can get any of them with this)

And to the prices:

Base set Commons 0.25$ each
Base set Uncommons 0.50$ each
Same pricing for all HGSS series Commons & Uncommons


Commons 0.50$ each
Uncommons 1$ each
Rares (no matter which series) 2$ each
Rare holos 3$ each  

Holo HGSS Girafarig 0.50$
Common HGSS Holos (horsea, duskull) 0.25$ (some scratches on the holofoil) 
Holo Uncommon HGSS Lairon  1$ 
I know the pictures aren't the very best possible ones and I noticed that I could have sorted the cards differently -_-d
Sorry for that

I promise I won't be posting for the next 24 h after this one!

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