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An epic story

I have an epic tale for all of you that resulted in a great reward!

So, my friend Katryna and I had made the plans yesterday to go to GameStop today so she could pick up Black (I preordered but won't get mine until Friday when I go home for Spring Break. D:). And then I logged on this morning and saw everyone posting about the art folios at Target so we quickly changed our plans.

Thankfully, our school's shuttle goes to GameStop AND Target, however it was an hour ride. And it was pouring rain outside. When we finally got to the stop with Target, there was a short walk across the Target parking lot but we were so glad we made it. We got to the game section of Target and OF COURSE, they were all out of art folios. The guy said they had only gotten sixteen! Katryna wasn't too sure about buying Black there so I suggested we go to the Toys R Us two stores over (this place also has a Best Buy, it's insane)

We go in and it's a pretty poorly set up store but we find the game section and are quickly confused because we didn't see any Black and White games set out like in Target so I suggested we look down the DS aisle. This is when Katryna spotted a pack that contained a DSi/lite case with the three starters on it and included THE STARTER STYLUSES FROM THE BW TOUR! ALL THREE OF THEM! I freaked. I have been lusting over the Oshawott stylus since people started posting pictures from the tour. I had to price check the box because the tag was messed up but the pack was only 17.99! A deal, in my opinion, because a similar pack at Target that had Reshiram and Zekrom on the front and NO styluses was 14.99! SUCCESS NUMBER ONE!

So then we go up to the cashier of the game section and I ask if they have Black and White, which of course they do. Katryna got Black and when he pulled out the game he also pulled out a pack with RESHIRAM AND ZEKROM STYLUSES just like the ones in my pack! I was shocked! And instantly wanted them, of course XD. So I asked if they were selling those separately from the game (I really didn't want to impulsively buy White just for those lol) and he said no but it didn't matter because the set Katryna bought was their LAST ONE. I WAS SHOCKED AGAIN. SUCCESS NUMBER TWO!!

After that we excitedly ran back to Target to soak in our awesomeness and dry out from the rain, as well as kill time until the shuttle came back. Picture time!

OUR LOOT! We were so proud of it! LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE AWESOME STYLUSES! /excitement.

MY CASE and a very happy me in the eating area of Target XD The starters on the front are so ANGRY. FSLKHSFLKHSF ADORABLE.

AND MY LOVE, MIJU! <3333 As soon as I saw the pack I told Katryna I'd give her the Snivy because I only wanted Miju and then she offered to "trade" him for her Reshiram! FFSHLKSHLKFHSLKH !!! That is not a fair trade at all but I accepted! XD Tepig is going to my love fer_gekisou <3 because she loves that piggie! XD

SO YEAH. It was an epic journey. We braved the elements for our love of Pokemon and I have to say, it was absolutely worth it. How have everyone else's release days gone? Were they as dramatic as mine? XD

Also, I saw the wall clings at Toys R us and they were tiny and disappointing. Glad I preordered from Amazon.

Bonus Pic:

I just have to share that she did in fact name her Snivy "Trolleaf". So perfect.


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