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Clean Out Sales

So I thought it was about time I cleaned out all the Pokemon stuff that I've had since I was a kid and some stuff I got when I first started collecting. I am also putting a couple of my old Play by Play plushes up for offers. Follow the cut if your interested. C:
I received sales permission on 7/7/10.
I will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment in 24 hours after I give you your final total.
Shipping prices depend on the item. Please feel free to ask for shipping quotes.
All items are coming from a pet free and smoke free house hold. But some items are old, dusty, and stained, but will be pointed out in each items description.
I will be taking offers on the Play by Play plushes until they die done or I am satisfied with the offer.
Once these items leave my hands in the mail I can not be held responsible.
I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback or I have had trouble with you in the past.
Negative feedback will be left for any deleted comments or backing out.
I will hold items up to 24 hours, but no longer.

Play By Play Plushes

Both are mint with hang tags and tush tags, but are a bit dusty. Have been in storage. Pikachu has a stain, as shown and the Blastoise's tag is pretty bent as you can see. I really want to get them out of my house so please make offers all you want. But warning, shipping on these will be heavy; $10 or more.

Nylon Mew: $5 (Old and stained as shown, but has it's tush tag.)

Revers-able Togepi: $5 (Old and stained as shown.)

Banpresto Arceus: $15 (Slightly loved, just slight piling on his felt areas.)

All have tush tags, except Spheal.
Hasbro Hoppip: $2 (Loved) SOLD
Hasbro Spheal: $9 (Loved) SOLD
Hasbro Igglybuff: $10 (Like New)
Jakks Cherrim: $6 (Like New) SOLD

All have tush tags.
Jakks Croagunk: $5 (Like New)
Claw Grab Piplup: $5 (Like New)
Hasbro Mewtwo: $4 (Old/Dirty on his leg)
Jakks Pachirisu: $8 (Like New)

All have their tush tags.
Banpresto Glaceon: $20 (Like New) SOLD
Jakks Meditite: $6 (Like New)
Hasbro Ivysaur: $5 (Very old/A little dirty)

Both have their tush tags and no longer have their candy.
Candy Stuffed Squirtle: $2 (Very Old/Dirty)
Candy Stuffed Charizard: $2 (Very Old/Dirty)

All have their tush tags.
Tomy Croagunk: $10 (Like New) SOLD
Jakks Drifloon: $6 (Slightly Loved) SOLD
Jakks Drifblim: $6 (Like New) SOLD

Drifblim Figure: $2 (Feet a little dirty)
Happiny Figure: $2 (A couple scratches)
Chimecho Figure: $2 (Good Condition) SOLD
Mantyke Figure: $1 (Slightly chipped on face)
Butterfree Mini Skateboard: $1 (Good Condition) SOLD
Wigglytuff Kid: $1 (Good Condition)
Furret Kid: $2 (Good Condition) SOLD
Chikorita Mini-Cot: $2 (Good Condition) SOLD

All in like new condition.
Latias Pan Sticker: $2
Latias Legendary Figure: $5
Latias Bottle Cap Figure: $15


Kadabra Mini Figure: $2
Cherrim Mini Figure: $2
Trapinch Mini Figure: $2
Latias Fruit Tart: $5
Jirachi + Celebi Cake: $20

Thank you for taking the time to take a look! <3
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