Alexandra (xxxandra) wrote in pkmncollectors,

BW Art Portfolio pages auction!

Just like everyone else, I fell completely in love with the BW Art Portfolio being sold/given away at Target today. I raced up there this morning and was glad to see they had a couple left! I snagged one for me and an extra one, and I'm auctioning off each individual page!

Also being auctioned off is the Zekrom Wall Cling given away at Toys R Us, as well as a Zekrom/Reshiram stylus pack!

Check below the cut for BW goodies!

Auction Guidlines

Auction ends at 10PM EST on Friday, March 11.
All community auction/snipe rules apply.
Offers start at $1-$3 USD respectively for each page, and please bid in appropriate thread.
All cards will be shipped between pieces of cardboard in a bubble mailer to keep from bending.
I ship from Ohio, US.

Card 1 - $3
Card 2 - $3
Card 3 - $3
Card 4 - $1
Card 5 - $1

Card 6 - $1
Card 7 - $2
Card 8 - $2
Card 9 - $1
Card 10 - $3

Card 11 - $2
Card 12 - $1
Card 13 - $2
Card 14 - $2
Card 15 - $1

Case - $1

Zekrom wall cling - $5
Stylus/cloth/cartridge case pack - $5

I still have bead sprite commissions open as well as some more BW things for sale here

Please wait til all threads are up before bidding!
Good to go!

Now go enjoy your new Pokemon games! :D
Tags: custom, gen5, oshawott, reshiram, sales, snivy, tepig, zekrom

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