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putting a few plush up for offers

Hey everyone~ I've decided to put a few plush from my collection up for offers. Why offers? Because I'm kind of attached to them and I'm not sure what I should price them at. :/ However, I could do with the money, and need to clear out some of my stuff ready for university later this year.

Up for offers are a Banpresto Contest Treecko (Red Ribbon), Takara Tomy Land Shaymin, Banpresto Sky Shaymin DX UFO, Hasbro Pidgeotto and Banpresto Oshawott.

(Note: Lucario pillow, Cloud the Reshiram Pokedoll and PokeCen Reshiram you may see looming in the background are not for sale XD;)

I understand Oshawott is quite common lately, so just offer a reasonable amount and I'd be happy. :3 Sky Shaymin is also in my sales journal for $20 but I really would like to move him on so feel free to haggle. The others are more sentimental to me so see what you can do? ^^;


Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo

- I will not sell to any banned members.
- I am based in the UK but prices will be in USD as it's easier. I will ship internationally but please remember shipping costs will increase.
- My home is smoke-free but pet friendly. I have a rather fluffy dog and a hamster. The dog can't access my plush but does come into my room sometimes and the hamster lives in my room so please bear this in mind if you have allergies.
- I accept Paypal only for payment.
- I aim to ship once every two weeks at the most, once a week more normally.
- I will re-use packaging as much as possible as it makes it cheaper for me, cheaper for you and helps the environment.
- I am not responsible for anything that happens to your item once it has been shipped (e.g. if the post office loses or damages it).
- I reserve the right to decline any offers made if I am not happy with them.
- Offers will continue until I'm satisfied.


Please make a thread for what you're offering on so I can keep track, thanks!

Banpresto Contest Treecko (Red Ribbon)

Condition: Tush tag only and hang-string. Fur is a little loved but still very soft. His legs have also been separated (there was a thread that originally joins them in a 'legs folded' position, but he can still be posed like that and there are no marks or damages. There is also a small loose thread on one eye but that was there originally.

Takara Tomy Land Shaymin

Condition: Tush tag only, as I bought her. Excellent, nothing wrong with her at all. She's just been sitting on my shelf since I got her (from Expo). For those who might mind, her flower petals are a little bent at the edges but other than that she's fine. I am very attached to her though just to warn you. |D

Banpresto Sky Shaymin DX UFO

Condition: Excellent with all tags. Was a gift from my friend but I'm not a big fan of the fabric used and he doesn't fit in with my collections (or my space!)The petals on his neck have come unglued (was like this when I got him) but could easily be stuck back down. He's kind of dusty too due to the fabric but I will clean him up before sending him off.

Hasbro Pidgeotto

Condition: I won him used on eBay. He only has a tush tag with faded writing, but is in overall great condition. I'm still undecided as to whether I want to part with him or not but we'll see.

Banpresto Oshawott

Condition: Mint with tags. I've just decided there are other Oshawott I'd like more, and I'd really rather get my hands on Futachimaru. ^^;

That's all! I've shipped most of my previous sales stuff out, there are just a few more recent purchases that I should have shipped by the end of this week. :3 And hopefully sometime soon I should have another collection update. I've rearranged my room quite a lot and have some more stuff coming if the post ever wakes up. X3
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