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offers/sales reminder

You're all making me jealous with your B/W get posts! Just three more hours before I get my copy! *u* Anyway, I wanted to post a quick sales/offers update/reminder - I have several v-trainer figures (including Suicune and battlescarred Espeon!) and a Pikachu .. car .. plush for sale HERE, while my permanent sales post can be found HERE.

I also have Giratina, Lugia, and Ho-Oh preorder figures available!

.. Eugh, I didn't realize this picture had turned out so bad >:C (But the shadows look kind of cool!) I can get more pictures of these if anyone needs them once I get home.

Not sure what the going rate on them is.. $4-5 each? Lugia and Ho-Oh have very minor wear (Ho-Oh has a small scratch on one wing, and Lugia has a few on the back of his wings.) One of Giratina's arms (by Ho-Oh's wing) isn't painted red at the tip, so he'll be cheaper!

If anyone has an Arceus pre-order figure they'd be willing to trade or sell for around the same price, let me know! C:

And one final note - I haven't been getting email notifications for LJ comments/messages, so if you don't hear back from me pretty quickly, feel free to IM or email me!

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