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Jakks, and pokemon tour figure/plush pick ups :)

 Hi guys! I've been wondering if anyone is still interested in stuff from the pokemon black and white tour since i'm going to the Georgia one this weekend. And also, is anyone still looking for the new jakks (eevelutions and others)? My walmart has them along with the new throw pokeball plush, foam pokeballs, and normal plush so if anyone is interested let me know! ^^ And lastly yesterday when i was picking up my copies of the new games i noticed that my target has a ton of the new art portfolios so if anyone is interested in those let me know and i'll adjust this into a pick ups post!

For the tour stuff:
Small tour plush (oshawott, snivy, tepig, zorua, zoroark, and pikachu) Would be $15 plus shipping.
Large plush (zekrom and reshiram) Would be $27 plus shipping.
Large posable tomy figures (zekrom and reshiram) would be $15 plus shipping.
Normal sized tomy figures (snivy, tepig, oshawott, zorua, zoroark, reshiram, zekrom, and pikachu) would be $8 plus shipping.
Shirts (child sized: zekrom, reshiram, pikachu, tepig, snivy, oshawott. adult sized: zekrom, reshiram) Would be $27 plus shipping.

For the jakks figures, they would be  $15 shipped
And for the other jakks items just ask me and i'll give you a quote :)

Lastly for the art portfolios they would be $15.

I was granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo.

Edit: Here are some pics i found on the comm :)

Fronts and backs of the shirts.

Some of the plush.
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