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so. i didn't think i was gonna be getting anything at all today. i checked my email this morning, bam. order shipping confirmation from gamestop. i thought awesome, should be here tomorrow or wednesday. i decided to click on the tracking link to see just how close my games really were. the delivery was originally scheduled for tuesday. they changed it to today. i was bouncing around like a crazy lunatic after drinking 3 java monsters. apparently, they started shipping the games on the 4th. THE FOURTH! not today like i was expecting. that was so awesome. :O

2pm. MY GAMES ARRIVE! i was once again bouncing around like a crazy lunatic, but this time probably more like if i was to have had 6 java monsters. (i really wish i had some java monsters though... would have been the perfect finisher).

so here are pics of my lame and unexciting unboxing! (linked to, since they might be a bit too wide to be as just pics.)

pic one!

:O both games side by side~

pic two!

the backs! ...also side by side~

pic three!

now, i decided i would open up both games for the pics, but only include things from one of the games (minus instruction manual and games themselves), since they do include pretty much the same things. i didn't really feel like redoing my whole desk just to show off absolutely everything from both.

so there you go. the absolutely lame (but with awesome items) unboxing! i didn't get anything special with the pre-orders, since they were from gamestop and i pre-ordered (online) way before any pre-order deals were announced. i however really do want the styli though... :c

and... it's not pokemon, but have a 9 1/2" homocidal dick showing off my brand new book that came in today to top it off. >:3

(if you know who it is, you get a cookie!)
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