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Hope you're not tired of seeing B/W merch yet.

I'm on such a Black/White high, you guys. This is turning out to be the best week EVER. :3 Let me tell you all about it!

So yesterday, my boyfriend, thalnos8888 , and I went and got our games bright and early, as soon as EB Games opened (I got mine there; he actually went and got his spiffy Pokemon White DSi bundle from kmart- and he got pokemon black for free with the bundle D: What an awesome deal, I didn't have that much money or I would have gotten it, too!) Then we headed over to Target and each got one of the Game Art Folios (THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL. We're thinking of taking some of the pictures out and framing them. ^^).

(Another bonus- They were selling Girl Scout cookies outside kmart. Pokemon and Trefoils? Yes, please! XD)

So we spent the rest of the day playing our games.
And then TODAY- My copy of the Pokemon B/W Collector's Guides came in from amazon.


Come see some poorly photographed pictures under the cut!
(Also- interested in the Target Game Art Folios? There's some information on how you can get your hands on one, also under the cut!)

Why are there so many photos?! I was told there would only be a few photos!!Collapse )

Annnd.... Here are all my new (and some old) goodies that are B/W related. Yay! :D

(Not pictured- Talkie Mijumaru, Darumakka phonecharm, and probably more that I've overlooked. Dx)

I'll be adding to this little collection on Saturday, at the GA Mall Tour. ^^ I'll be making another post before then with a little more information about that- so be looking forward to it! ^_^

Bye bye, guys! Time to play some more Pokemon. :3
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