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FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS.... slowly working on sending all these out, hopefully by tomorrow! including sunyshore and off-sunyshore ordered ones. BUT BEWARE. i don't know what happened, but a really high percentage of these dolls have curved tags. not bent with creases, but curved. to the point where hand-picking them on the first day was really hard since they all had curved tags! for my second batch i asked a staff to bring them out from back instead, and...curved tags! i don't know, i know tags often get curved in transit, but just be ready with a nice heavy book to sit your tag under for a few hours, just in case.

you can see how lots of tags are curved. you might have also noticed how curved my blitzle's tag is from my post yesterday. bah!!

also gave my blitzle a posse with some of the extras waiting on homes XD

SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! major update 2/3!!! whew, finally catching up. pokecenter makes it hard! today let's focus on..............CUSTOM PLUSHIES!!

I got these BEAUTIFUL customs while in America, from some of my favourite artists ever. I've really slowed my buying of customs to a trickle, only the best from now on!!

Let's begin with....SUCKY!!! Who was in my welcome back post quite a lot XD He is a Tynamo pokedoll and he is just so so so super precious, all minky and the fuzziest yellow stripe ever!! Because he is so simple-shaped with no crazy limbs all over (as compared to my next two) I was able to take him to many places :D

my measly eel collection.... can't wait for more!!!!! especially eelektrik's MPC plush!! :D in...september D:

next.....this is a photo i've wanted to take for a LONG time. electabuzz was the ONLY electaline who never got a PROPER-sized plushie. i am so happy for his official bell plush <3 but something was so lopsided! not anymore....


electabuzz pokedoll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his name is electabuzz lightyear. he was also my pal in PA, but he didn't get to go out as much.... mostly since he felt kind of annoyed over all the BW attention. he's kind of a crotchedy gen 1 guy.

look at these gorgeous, handsome guys!! :D

last but not least....what is there to say??? my fav pokemon of gen5, probably my third favourite pokemon of all time. and this is an utterly perfect plush.!! poseable, fluffy, fuzzy, with glass eyes and beauty in every seam. this spider is one of the most gorgeous customs i own, and i am so, so in love with him. i can't stop playing with his legs and feelers, he's just too precious for words! and his baby matches!


together, they all so eagerly await the next denchura toys, the attack kid, EEEH!! and his MPC plush in fall!! maybe joltik will have a kid by then too!!! :D

oh yeah-- i had some zebra panic, and wanted to make more room on my shelves. my fishes have moved to their own cubby. as they are mostly customs to, they fit in in this post. what do you think of their cubby?! cozy!!

until next time!! update 2/3, out!
Tags: blitzle, custom, eelektrik, eelektross, electabuzz, electivire, elekid, galvantula, joltik, plush, tynamo

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