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Birthday,DP and BW gets

Evening all well for the past two weeks I've been getting lots of Pokemon items most of them for my birthday the week before last so here have a look and let me tell you all about

First off this lovely Pikachu world collection set was given to me by a good friend of mine who works at a Motherhood Maternity .Every year on Christmas and Birthdays I give her little boys(who also love Pokemon) gifts(Pokemon of course) and their tells me they love the gifts I got for them so in return they get me a gift which I find that to be very sweet & touching of them.

Next up these manga and movie these were gifts to to myself both Arceus manga & movie I got from a Boarders (which unfortunately is one of many Boarders that closed and went out of business )I love the art in the Arceus manga it's form the artist who did the Manaphy manga and luckily my copy doesn't have any errors (mainly cause I've heard from a few that their copies had errors like chapters repeating) Pokemon Adventures DPPT I bought from a Banes & Noble with a gift card another friend gave me for my birthday what can I say Pokemon adventures is a AWESOME MANGA!!!(and I think many people can agree on that)

Next this lovely case I got from nanoplasm when I got this in the mail I was very surprised at how big it is
it's so big I can fit another case in it in which will come in very handy cause I planning on getting a 3DS and I want to give it as much protection as I can so thanks again nanoplasm

OH Yeah the big boys of this post I got up so early up on Sunday to pick up these bad boys but let me tell when I got to my Gamestop I had to wait almost a ehalf an hour to get them there was two long lists in the store it was crazy huh anybody who says Pokemon is dead should have came down here there's lots of Pokemon players here in Williamsburg,VA from young kids to young adults(like myself)but unfortunately gamestop didn't have any giveaways (which sucks I kinda feel sorry for those who preordered at gamestop).I alright started both and I started with Snivy in Black and Oshawott in White and I alright caught Victini in Black and the guide book  is so lovely I can't even begin to tell you about it

And finally these well my Gamestop had two Pokemon tournaments in which everyone used their best teams from Diamond,Pearl,Platinum,HeartGold or  SoulSliver in 6on6 full battle with no holds expect no hacked Pokemon well anyway I entered and my team pretty much blew everyone else out of the water but my last battle in the tournament was the hardest battle I've ever with anybody but I came out the winner and the first prize was this character kit it's kinda funny I was planning on buying it but winning that tournament saved me the trouble.The case was my runner up prize for the double battle tournament.

well thanks viewing sorry for the bum camera quality
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