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Pokemon Black/White, Gamestop posters, etc.

Hey everyone! I haven't updated on here in a long time! Here are my Black/White and Gamestop gets! And a few other random items!

Here's a picture of the majority of the Pokemon plushies that I've accumulated since 1998.

I NEED a toy net or something! XP

I bought the Charmander pillow plush from scarsofsunlight and the talking Tsutarja is from xClairxAudenx.

Here she is talking to my fiance on webcam, I made a video of this, but it's on facebook, sorry! I do plan on making more videos with the talky over Spring Break! And she will be attending the Pokemon Mall Tour at Grapevine Mills this weekend!

And here is a picture of her with her little family.

The sleeping Tsutarja was my valentines present that my fiance bought for me, from
nayumatapapa on ebay.

Here's an update of all the posters that I have received from Gamestop the past two months. =D

I love these huge display boxes for Black and White! Also, ignore the Lord of the Rings stuff haha, I wish I could use those shelves to display more of my Pokemon collection, but I can't exactly remove the Lord of the Rings stuff! Oh well.

I also got the Celebi poster from Gamestop on Sunday afternoon, but I didn't have time to take a picture of it. I had to drop it off at home and head back to my college/dorm.

I won the Raikou poster on Ebay. I was an idiot and did not ask my Gamestop for it while I had the chance. I didn't want to ask because Raikou is my favourite Pokemon. I didn't want them to tell me that they couldn't give it to me because it had to be destroyed, so I didn't ask. Didn't have the heart to hear that. The next week, I happened to be there when they were removing the Entei poster, so I asked them what they do with the posters, and the guy promised to give me every Pokemon display poster when they were done with them. I felt like an idiot! Oh well, at least I got it now! I plan on framing this one and putting on my wall in place of the wolf dreamcatcher.

Here's my gets on sunday! The collectors guide and the two games were my birthday present from my family. The other guidebook and the DS case I couldn't resist buying. I know, it's pathetic since both books are the same, but I loved the artwork on the front...with the dragons and I had to have it.

They spelt Oshawott's name wrong AGAIN! I'm telling you, they should've stuck with Mijumaru!

My friend Donovan surprised with me the TRU Wall Decal on sunday.

My friend Sean made this for me, because my birthday was on saturday! ^^

Well I think that's all I got for now! I'll post another update after the Pokemon Mall Tour! If you are going to the one at Grapevine Mills, TX, look for this girl and this Tsutarja! ^^ My (filipino) fiance will also be there with me, cosplaying N. I think we will be pretty easy to spot! XD


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