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Fukuoka Pokemon Center Opening!!! +Commissions and Website

Hello again Pokemon Collectors! I have a lot to show, so let's get started!

First off, I'm opening up commissions for my shrinkies!! If you're interested, please visit my commission page here! Have some examples:

Second, I have a new website housing my otter collection!! It's not fully done, but I have uploaded all of my photos to the site (save the massive Fukuoka update I need to get going on). Please take a look and enjoy!


Now let's end this with a bang!! I present to you, the FUKUOKA POKEMON CENTER GRAND RE-OPENING!!!

So the Fukuoka Pokemon Center moved from Canal City (which is beautiful, go see it) to the JR Hakata Station's 8th Floor, and along with that they changed the mascots from Torchic and Totodile to Pansage and OSHAWOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Entire reason I went through the pain of a one-way 11 hour bus-ride, but it was COMPLETELY worth it! <3

Anyway, enough of my blabbering, ON TO THE PHOTOS!!

The front of the station. Not only was the PC Opening, but an ENTIRE side of the station opened up that day! All I could hear forever were the store clerks yelling 'IRASSHAIMASE! =D'. And for some reason, when we went to Maruzen (a bookstore, mind you), they gave us free....cheesecake with our purchase? Very strange.

Glowing Pokeball is reminding me to STAY ON TOPIC, so I will.

Cute eating Pikachu exclusive to the Fukuoka Center! Such a cutie, kinda wish I had picked up the chopstick set now. Oh well.

What's this?



AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD THE MIJU STATUE!!!!!!!! I was jumping up and down in front of this thing off and on for a good 5 minutes, the employees and other customers either giggling, smiling, or glaring at me as I did so. This will be in my collection someday, mark my words. I will make it be so.

It is also at this point that I would like to apologize to the Pansage fans, as I was so absorbed with my baby otter that I did not get too many great great shots of the Pansage Statue. ;_;

From the side!! So fat and cute and SHINY HOLY GOD.

Otter butts!! <3

Here he is on the logo!! BEST PART, I SAY!. :>

....I'm a tad biased.

Okay.....I feel completely stupid. I wasn't there when this person signed the bottom of the statue, and....I cannot recognize it. WHO IS THIS, DOES ANYONE KNOW? ;~; Forgive my stupidity, please!

And now onto the goods and stuff!

Excuse my big fat head. ^^;; As you can see, they had about 4 full walls of shelves + another 2-ish small shelves and three baskets (not shown here dedicated) to their Opening goods. You can clearly see the GIGANTIC FLUFFY PILLOWS OH GOD!!

Another view of the shelves. :>

Shelves full of other plush, such as the pokedolls and giant starter plushies! =D

One of the baskets containing the MIJU PILE I WANTED TO DIVE INTO. Instead I got 3 miju plush from it, and a nifty icon. <3

THIS GLASS. The eating Pikachu pictured above is a Fukuoka exclusive, and its line was released the same day. What I didn't expect is that Miju and Pansage would be leaked into the line a bit, in the form of the OH SO ADORABLE glasses!....I had to get two sets, don't shoot me!

Starter TOMY figures! They had these, along with the other starters and prominent evo. lines, displayed in plastic cases on the corners of the TOMY Figure sales racks.

More stuff, including window stickers and Fukuoka exclusive label pins and keychains!

Fukuoka Medalief Coin! <3333

Logo near the checkout area.

The best part. Again, just a tad biased.

And I don't believe I have ever shown my face here, but here I am!! my hair always falls in my eyes, though... <.< >.>

One of the employees was kind enough to take a picture of my boyfriend and me! He's such a sweetheart and the reason I got to go in the first place!

Thanks a bunch for looking!! I hope you guys enjoyed it! ^u^ <3
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