Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Final payments for the Gen 5 plushies GA!

So, allinia got all our plushies to her home! It is time to pay for your shipping home! C:

Before I tell you the totals, does somebody know dannydisco in real life, through AIM, MSN Messenger or that sorts? Please let us know, or better, please let her/him know that he/she hasn't paid for the Pansage plush that he/she has won. His/her total for JUST the plush comes with total to $14.63 US or $14.79 Non-US (with PP fees) + the shipping to him/her. Again, please let us know! Thank you!  <3

hebilea (me) - Darumaka
allinia - Mincchino
dannydisco - Pansage
moguryuu - Tranquill
anthonyjg10 - Sandile
miss_citrius - Axew

Shipping would be $2.50 in the US and $4.00 Internationally to rinaria.xi@gmail.com :)

Just give a comment here, if you have sent it out. Thank you all for your participation! <3

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