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Jeansama's GA!

So, as people probably have seen, jeansama is having a GA and I decided to host it. There are lots of kids, Jakks, plushies and other things. Please have a look! We need to raise at least 250$ + shipping on this one! :)
(I have copied all the pictures and the comments/conditions of the items from jeansama's journal!)

All of these kids are in great condition. Shaymin, Eevee and Darkrai are clear. One of the Mewtwos is a somewhat different colour, I'm guessing it's an older release.

Also all in great condition, Minun and Wigglytuff are clear!

Also all in great condition!

These ones have minor scuffs or marks, most not that noticable. Clear Shaymin is in great condition besides a black mark on it's face going from it's nose. I'm guessing it would be easy to paint over! May even come off, I just don't have magic erasers myself XD

More scuffed kids. The ones that are pretty bad are Mankey, Oddish, Wartortle, Oddish, Beedrill, Blissey, and Clefairy. The others are much more minor.

These Jakks all have minor scuffs, but are still in good condition. I'm just a bit meticulous about that kind of thing in my collection, so I'm going to part with these. One of Aipom's eyes has some classic Jakks derp going on.

This zukan is in great condition, but it's missing half of Lucario's hair. I got it like this and really don't like incomplete pieces like this. So it's either going in the garbage, getting repainted or going with this lot XD

Electabuzz, Registeel, Lickiliky, Magnemite and Burmy are all like new Jakks figures. Dialga is a US/Canadian gachapon strap, Oshawott and Pikachu are soap figures (these retail for $6-ish in Japan, and smell nice too!). Not sure what the Victreebel is, it was a freebie XD

Brand new Bellsprout and Pineco Battle Museum figures, complete with stickers and inserts! Bellsprout is doing the most adorable > o < face.

Both like new!

Everything here is in great condition. Some kids, a Torkoal buildable figure, US/Canadian gachapon Mudkip strap, Minum and Plusle bobbleheads (used to have something sticky they stood on to use, so there may be some residue on the bottom of their feet), and a Leafeon battrio.

The Shaymin is quite small, a bit less than two inches. Celebi is a hand puppet, and one of is antennas is a bit floppier than the other, but it's otherwise MWT!

Darkrai keychain plush and a Sudowoodo Jakks! I love this Darkrai, it's so cute... but I don't collect him, so I really shouldn't hold onto him, haha.


Jakks Electronic Mewtwo - big, in very good shape and can still talk

Lottery Pikachu keychain

DX Friends plush Piakchu/Pichu

Since I am hosting this, jeansama will ship these items to me and I will ship them to you. So the totals would be the items you bought, the shipping to me and then the shipping to you! :)

I will be claiming Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Rayquaza on the right (not the attack one), Dialga, Palkia, Wynaut, both Pikachus, Azurill and Chingling kids for about 20$, willing to go higher.

- Bidding will end probably on Sunday 3/13/11 at 10PM EST, depending on if we reach the 250$ on these
- Bid increments of AT LEAST 1$ please!
- Once you bid on your price, you are also responsible to pay if you win that bid!

- There will be three payments, the prices you bid on your items, shipping to me and then shipping to you.

Please do not make threads, because I will do them all, so please be patient, until all threads are up, thank you! ALL DONE! HAPPY BIDDING! :D

EDIT: Added three new items! :)
Tags: group auction, jakks, kids, plush

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