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Sales post

Hey, all. This is my first sales post here, though I've already started an auction and an offer post. I've tried those first in order to become familiar with the operation of shipping and cost estimate process. Now I think it is the time to start a sales post. Hope everything will work smooth during the transaction.

Sales post permission granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2010 EDIT: 01/28/2011 actually, a typo :/
 Sale Update: 03/14/2011 Preview
- All community rules for auction/ sales will apply.
- I will request your payment in 4 days. I hate this but if you can not pay, I will leave a negative feedback. I can hold item upon request with reason and deadline, and please keep your words.
- No deleting comment. A deleted comment will really upset me because I do not know whose it is from. Simply put a new comment in the entry because I keep track of all the comments.
- First come first served. Do not behave rude on other members. Show your respect.

- I will send you the invoice for the items you purchased via comment mostly. Keep your comment notification on, please.
- I only accept Paypal at this time.
- All funds should be sent to
- Please copy and paste the address when you send you money, I am not responsible for wrong payment sent.

- I ship from State College, PA in the U.S.
- I do ship internationally. But please ask me for an estimate cost of shipping and fee before you send your payment if you are concerned.
- Usually the shipping and handling fees domestic will start around $2 for a light item, up to $4.00 for a heavy one like plush or large figure. If you have purchased multiple items, the cost will rise a little. I will mark the shipping and fees separately from the items value in this case.
- I will ship your items within one week after CLEARED PAYMENT. I can combine shipping for the other items you bought no more than one day.
- I am not responsible for damaged or lost items once they are in the post system. In this case, I can add insurance with request and additional fee will occur.

- Items come from a smoke-free and pet-free house.
- Items, otherwise noted, are in used but good condition.
TOMY MC figure, Pearl Shiny ver.
Crouching Pikachu - $10 Sold!
All others- $7  $5.25

TOMY pokemon pose figure - $15   $11.25
- The size of the figure is approximately 4 to 5 inches
- Mint in package. The package may be damaged through the shipping.
Available: Raikou, Zoroark

TOMY MC figures
Front row $4   $3    Sold: Lugia
Back row $2   $1.5   Sold:
Note: Dialga has a paint lost on his neck / Nidoking is from Chinese series / Groudon is missing a base


Chingling line zukan - $3   $2.25  Sold!
clear Cresselia chou get - $4   $3
clear Giratina chou get -- $6 $4.5
Groudon keychain, missing chain and joint part -- $1  $0.75 or free with purchase

Available: Blaziken kid -- $3   $2.25

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