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Massive collection weeding sales & rare stuff up for offers!

I gathered everything up, took pictures, and finally got off my butt and put together a sales post x3 I have a TON of stuff that needs new homes.

I also have some pretty rare stuff I'm going to take offers on.  Things including a Shaymin Figure Stamper, Poochyena Pokeball keychain, a Groudon TOMY  plush, and a bunch of rare movie merchandise! Some of this stuff I've never seen in any collections before, so be sure to check'em out.

My sales post has zukan, chou gets, retsuden stamps, kid figures, tomys, keychains, customs and more. For straight sales, click the link or picture below! I am open to haggling.  

I ship from the US worldwide
Payment is via Paypal, but I will take cash for orders under $20
Payment must be sent within 24 hours of claiming an item;
DO NOT BACK OUT! Backing out of sales is against the rules and can get you banned
I am willing to haggle
I am not looking to trade at the moment unless you have a Zekrom/Reshiram Pokedoll or clear Gible kid
I will hold for up to 24 hours
I am not responsible for items once they leave my hands
I have the right to not accept any offers I do not like
Please feel free to ask any questions!

Groudon TOMY Plush- Offer below

Size comparison next to a regular retsuden stamp

Shaymin Figure Stamper- Offer below

Poochyena Pokeball keychain- Offer below

Super chibi Lucario &  Mime. Jr pokeball figures- Offer below

Mew & Weavile Battle field figures - Offer Below

Sealed Pikachu Flower Wooden Chopstick set & cloth- $27 or best offer

Rock-a-bye Pikachu x2 (Pikachu &  basket are removable)- Offer below

Pokemon Movie crew &  Jeep- Offer Below

Pokemon House... thing- I have no idea xD offers below?

Lickitung &  Lickilicky x2- $6 each
Swinub &  Piloswine x2- $4 each
Bidoof &  Bibarel +  Pachirisu- $7
Chimchar line- $12
Leafeon, Glaceon &  Eevee- $10

Loose zukan figures:
Cresselia x2 x1- $2 each
Sceptile- $5
Grovyle- $1
Magneton- $1
Magnezone- $2

Lovely Lance custom sculpture made by porcupine_paws- $14

Kid figures:
Clear Groudon  (Front row)- $5
Frost Rotom, Groudon- $4
Moltres, Blaziken, Ludicolo, Slowking- $3
Metang, Baltoy- $2

Groudon &  Castform Pokeball keychains-
Groudon- $10
Castform- $8

Skitty Chess Piece- $5

Mini Gachapon Machine toys: (each comes with 3 or 4 little balls that go inside the machines)
Infernape- $6
Kyogre- $7
Palkia  (sign is gone)- $4

Magmotar bashun figure- $2

Retsuden Stamps:
Palkia, Dialga, Manaphy, Dusknoir- $2.50
Everything else- $1.50

Groudon build-able figure- $5

Giratina &  Shaymin wheel figures- $6.50 each

Chou gets:
Dialga- $3
Unown- $2

Hitmonlee & Articuno Pencil Toppers- $4
Articuno on HOLD

Zoroark Lottery Keychain- $6

Lure & Fast Ball custom keychains- $6 each

Random lot of unknown figures:
Beaten up Pikachu- free with any order
Phione, Mime Jr. &  Pikachu- .75
Roserade- $1.50

Darkrai Masterball figure- $1 (he has a small chunk out of his head)

Random lot:
Everything is .75 or $7 for the whole lot
Mewtwo Sold
Tags: alakazam, articuno, baltoy, bibarel, bidoof, blaziken, bonsly, castform, custom, dialga, eevee, entei, giratina, glaceon, groudon, hitmonlee, infernape, koffing, kyogre, leafeon, lickilicky, lucario, ludicolo, magmortar, magneton, magnezone, meowth, metang, mew, mime jr., pachirisu, palkia, pikachu, poochyena, roserade, rotom, shaymin, skitty, tomy, unown, voltorb, zoroark, zukan
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